April 20,2015 Council Meeting Minutes


The Regular Meeting of the Apple Creek Council called to order on April 20, 2015 by Betty Keener with the following council members answering to roll call:

Rick Conrad-present, Mike Harwood-present, Rodney Mackey-present, Robert McCarthy-present, Charlie Lewis-present, and Steve Stoffer-present.

Rodney Mackey made a motion to approve the minutes of the April 6, 2015 meeting, as always they are available for the public to review, seconded by Mike Harwood, Roll Call: Rodney Mackey-yes, Mike Harwood-yes, Rick Conrad-yes, Robert McCarthy-yes, Charlie Lewis-yes, and Steve Stoffer-yes.

VISITORS:   Leonard Kaplan.

ENGINEERS:  Nothing.

POLICE: Nothing.

PARK:  Betty Keener reported there will be a park board meeting on Monday May 4th at 5:00 pm. The main discussion will be the security of Mayer Carson Hall; also the CIC is looking for funding to upgrade the electric at the park. This to change it to 400 amp service; they are asking that council will consider funding a portion or all of the $2,150.00 that we have in our line in the park fund. The capital fund cannot be used for repairs Betty stated. It is just to enhance whatever is covered under the funding like if we were going to build onto the hall. Mike Harwood wanted to know what we have spent that money on in the past years. Do we have anything else on the agenda other than the security? Steve Stoffer things we need to look at the drain by the fire hydrant. When it rains we have two feet of water. This would be a park expense not streets. Dale Orr reported this is the outlet which takes that water away from the catch basin to the storm. It is only a 4 inch line. We would have to bore under the road and then we have to worry about the sewer line, water line, and gas line. This would have to hook into the 36 inch culvert. We cannot put in a catch basin because it’s lower than the storm line. Steve Stoffer thinks we need to come up with something to fix this. Mike stated are we having other things to do with the money like the fence and other thinks. Steve thinks some trees need to come down. Betty stated knowing we are a village with not much money but when I sit here with CIC talking about beautifying the town; making it nicer I get excited and yes we should invest in improvements like this. Steve stated compared to other parks ours in not that good. Mike wanted to know if there is grant money for this type of improvements. Wooster just spent $100,000 for a bike path and Orrville has the doggy park. When the Village tried to get this money we lost out to Orrville. We don’t think the electrical would fall under this grant. The grant is for playground equipment and updating the restrooms at the park. Rodney Mackey stated we have to have things documented and in minutes with a plan. Mike’s opinion is upgrades to the park benefit the whole community and this is beyond the scope of the CIC. I know that CIC is trying to do these different projects. The CIC is really trying to do; but it’s a domino effect, the upgrade would benefit everyone with the upgrade to the parks electric. Betty understands that Keith Byler would like do church youth services at the park. So it’s just not for Johnny Appleseed days. Mike feels this could eventually be a revenue generator. This is tabled until the park board meets on Monday May 4, 2015.

STREETS AND MAINTENANCE: Dale Orr reported Kokosing will be making hot mix in 3 weeks then they will get the roads ready for chip and seal. Also he has bermed the streets that are getting chip and sealed. He was given permission to berm all the streets to help get the water off the roads. We will be storing the pulling equipment at the street garage for Dale.

WATER & SEWER:    Third Reading of Ordinance 2015-8 An Ordinance Amending Ordinance 2012-24 and 2009-16 and adjusting the Municipal Water system Service Rates.

Motion to pass by Mike Harwood, Seconded by Steve Stoffer, Roll Call: Mike Harwood-yes, Steve Stoffer-yes, Rick Conrad-yes, Rodney Mackey-yes, Robert McCarthy-yes, and Charlie Lewis-yes.

Third Reading of Ordinance 2015-9 An Ordinance Amending Ordinance 2012-23 and 2009-15 and Adjusting the Sewer Service Rates.

Motion to pass by Mike Harwood, Seconded by Rodney Mackey, Roll Call: Mike Harwood-yes, Rodney Mackey-yes, Rick Conrad-yes, Robert McCarthy-yes, Charlie Lewis-yes and Steve Stoffer-yes.

Ordinance 2015-13 An Ordinance Amending the 2015 Appropriation Ordinance 2015-1 Passed January 5, 2015, and Declaring an Emergency.

Motion to suspend the rules and advance to the second and third readings by title only by Rodney Mackey, Seconded by Steve Stoffer, Roll Call: Rodney Mackey-yes, Steve Stoffer-yes, Rick Conrad-yes, Mike Harwood-yes, Robert McCarthy-yes and Charlie Lewis-yes.

Motion to pass Ordinance 2015-13 by Rodney Mackey, Seconded by Charlie Lewis, Roll Call: Rodney Mackey-yes, Charlie Lewis-yes, Rick Conrad-yes, Mike Harwood-yes, Robert McCarthy-yes, and Charlie Lewis-yes.

JEDD: Nothing.

CORRESPONDENCE:  Mike Harwood reported Brain Gentry called about the election signs on St. Rt. 250 in regard to the school levy.


NEW BUSINESS:      Nothing.

COMMITTEE REPORTS:  CIC met tonight before the Council meeting and they have set up a work day to install the new signs at both ends of town for Saturday May 16th starting at 9 am from Troyers Home Pantry.


A11A2431  Dale James Ford Repairs               594.20
A11A241 Quill Office Supplies               132.13
A11A212 Wayne Co. Commissioner Dispatching & Legal             1490.28
A11A233 Verizon Cell Phones               128.38
A11A241 Visa Training Supplies                 15.99
                            TOTAL          $2,360.98             
A17A240    Mayor & Admin. O&M
A17A231 American Electric Power Village Hall Electric             154.98
A11C230 American Electric Power Street Lights           1436.86
A17A233 MCTV Telephone Service             175.28
A17A233 Comdoc Copies            118.45
A17A241 Friendly’s Trash Bags              40.70
A17A241 Postmaster Stamps              49.00
A17A233 Comdoc Copier Lease             185.51
A17A237 Taggart Law Firm Solicitor fee             497.00
                            TOTAL        $2,657.78
B16B240     Streets O&M
B16B231 American Electric Power Streets Electric                 99.45
B16B243 Custom Machine Catch Basin Repair                 18.50
B16B233 MCTV Telephone Service                 49.15
B16B243 Mast Lepley Oil Filters & Misc.                 21.57
B16B245 Tricor Hex Nuts                 42.87
B16B233 Verizon Cell Phones                 58.80
                               TOTAL             $290.34              
B43A250  PARKS
B43A231 American Electric Power Park Electric               313.90
B43A243 Mast Lepley Flush Valve                   9.75
B43A211 Holly Malciut Cleaning of Hall               100.00
B43A243 Water Watts Urinal Valves               237.84
                                TOTAL             $661.49                  
E15A240  WATER
E15A231 American Electric Power Water Electric             1796.08
E15A234 Engineering & Assoc. Engineering             2500.00
E15A235 Postmaster Stamps                 85.00
E15A243 HD Supply Repair Hand Held               800.00
                                 TOTAL              $5,181.08                   
E25A240  SEWER
E25A231 American Electric Power Sewer Electric            3172.52
E25A233 MCTV Telephone Service              113.05
E25A235 Miller Septic Sludge Hauling            9120.00
E25A243 Mast Lepley Dry Hydrant parts                  1.69
E25A235 Postmaster Stamps                85.00
                                TOTAL        $12,492.26


MOTION TO PAY THE BILLS: by Rodney Mackey, Seconded by Robert McCarthy, Roll Call: Rodney Mackey-yes, Robert McCarthy-yes, Rick Conrad-yes, Mike Harwood-yes, Charlie Lewis-yes, and Steve Stoffer-yes.

MOTION TO ADJOURN: by Charlie Lewis, Seconded by Rick Conrad, Roll Call: Charlie Lewis-yes, Rick Conrad-yes, Mike Harwood-yes, Rodney Mackey-yes, Robert McCarthy-yes and Steve Stoffer-yes.

Meeting Adjourned at 7:24 pm.

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