April 7, 2014 Council Meeting

The Regular Meeting of the Apple Creek Council called to order at 6:30 pm on April 7, 2014 by Mayor Judy Gatti with the following council members answering to roll call:

Betty Keener-present, Rick Conrad-present, Mike Harwood-present, Rodney Mackey-present, Robert McCarthy-present, and Steve Stoffer-present.

Mike Harwood made a motion to approve the minutes of the March 17, 2014 meeting. As always they are available for the public to review. Seconded by Robert McCarthy, Roll Call: Mike Harwood-yes, Robert McCarthy-yes, Betty Keener-yes, Rodney Mackey-yes, Steve Stoffer-yes, and Rick Conrad-yes.

VISITORS: Leonard Kaplan was visiting.

ENGINEERS: Gary Daugherty and Kevin Dean had been here at 5:30 to discuss the upgrade to the Waste Water Treatment plant.
POLICE: Jason Woodruff was present and gave his report for the month of March. The police department has an increase in Auxiliary hours and traffic stops. They have been giving out a lot of warnings, and also working the school zone. Jason received the award for Citizen of Year awarded by Apple Creek PTO. Jason is working on getting prices for new rifles. Betty Keener requested for the Chief to review prices for business cards for the officers, as the current printing company being used is high priced. The Chief will concur.
PARK: Work at Mayor Carsen hall is going slowly. Dale and Jim have resurrected the old baseball field at the street garage. They have rented a sod cutter and are planning on putting down sand. This will be for the 4 and 5 years old. Mike Harwood reported he had walked the park and would like Council to consider moving the basketball court to where the tennis court is located, and place the band stand where the basketball court was. Dale will get prices on concrete for this work. Dale stated that Strasburg has a band stand made out an old trailer with garage doors on it. He felt we could use something like this, and in the winter, to store stuff. Jason stated that Beach City has something similar to the one in Strasburg.
STREETS AND MAINTENANCE: Dale would like to have a committee meeting to discuss the work on the streets for this season. Decided to move the CIC meeting from April 21 to May 5 and have the Street Committee on April 21 at 5:30 pm. Judy Gatti reported that Deb Mastrine has removed equal amounts of dirt from her ditch as the thickness of rocks put in her ditch in order for the ditch to remain the exact same depth as it was originally intended. This was what was suggested to her to do instead of just filling in the ditch with rocks. Also discussed Jess Thomas of 652 E. Main. Back in 2011 Council gave him permission to fill in his ditch. He did not do it at that time and would still like to do it. This will be discussed at the work session on April 21st. Dale also would like to move the storage building at the sewer plant to the street garage, he was asked to get a price to move it and bring that quote to Council.

WATER & SEWER: At the meeting at 5:30 this evening we discussed the progress of the improvement to the waste water treatment plant. Mike Harwood would like to discuss the Tap in fees for water and sewer during Council. Handed out was the price of tap in fees from other local Villages. Discussion followed on whether we are too high. These rates were changed back in 2009 and we have had one resident hook up to the water since this went into effect. The fees are $2,500 for each. Mayor Gatti reported with a resident who was to build in the township they would have to pay for a well and septic system. The estimate for this is $25,000, if you take off our fees of $5,000.00 at a minimum bill it would take you 33 years to pay off the cost of the well and septic system. This would be if the pump was not replaced and no cost for pumping the septic.

JEDD: Rodney Mackey reported from the meeting of March 25, 2014, they have set the meeting for this as June 27th, September 25, and December 18, 2014. They have learned that Mr. Mast the new owner of ACDC is working on getting a grant to run the water line up to the property.


Robert McCarthy left the meeting at 7:30pm.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS: Mayor Gatti congratulated Lou Stanley for being the coach of year for wrestling. With the sale of ACDC completed the Village has received our share of the money, at this time $70,000 is available and balance due on bonds as follows: Jan. 1, 2014-$307,003.00, Jan. 1 2015-$208,505.00, January 1, 2016-$52,330.00 and Jan. 1 2017-$12,250.00. This is the total due only ½ of this money is the Villages responsibility. The hitching rail is almost complete.

NEW BUSINESS: Ordinance 2014-6 an Ordinance Amending the 2014 Appropriation Ordinance 2014-1 Passed January 13, 2014 and Declaring an Emergency. Motion to suspend the rules and advance to the second and third meeting by Betty Keener, Seconded by Steve Stoffer, Roll Call: Betty Keener-yes, Steve Stoffer-yes, Rick Conrad-yes, Robert McCarthy-yes, Rodney Mackey-yes, and Mike Harwood-yes.

After the reading motion to pass by Betty Keener, Seconded by Steve Stoffer, Roll Call: Betty Keener-yes, Steve Stoffer-yes, Rick Conrad-yes, Rodney Mackey-yes, and Mike Harwood-yes.

COMMITTEE REPORTS: Streets meeting April 21 at 5:30pm and CIC May 5, 2014.

A11A2431 Kauffman Tire Tires 260.00
A11A232 Verizon Cell Phones 171.60
A11A212 Wayne Co. Commissioner Hospitalization $2082.77
TOTAL $2,514.37
A17A240Mayor & Admin. O&M
A11c230 American Electric Power Street Lights 1299.48
A17A212 Bureau of Workers Comp Workers Comp 2280.27
A17A233 Cintas Black Rugs 40.60
A17I000 Charles Harris & Assoc Audit 720.00
A17A245 Crystal Clear Water & Cooler 28.95
A17A232 Dominion Gas Village Hall 252.03
A17A252 Dominion Gas ACDC Final 35.93
A17A241 Quill Office Supplies 46.72
A17A252 Treasurer State of Ohio Elevator Fee ACDC 4002.00
TOTAL $8,705.98
B16B240 Streets O&M
B16B243 Custom Machine Angle Iron 34.00
B16B244 Cargill Salt 696.01
B16B245 Cintas Uniforms 146.96
B16B245 Cross Truck Repair To Salt Spreader 80.00
B16B232 Dominion Gas 75.47
B16B243 John Deere Financial Mud Rubber Paint 38.95
B16B233 Verizon Wireless Cell Phones 61.00
B16B212 Wane Co. Commissioners Hospitalization 1441.38
TOTAL $2,573.77
B43A232 Dominion Gas Gas Park 293.23
B43A245 Schlabach Rental Rent equipment 45.00
TOTAL $338.23
E15A241 BFMC Inc. Water Bills 254.38
E15A245 Bureau of Workers Comp Workers Comp 80.29
E15A244 Coshocton Environment Test 98.00
E15A238 Deans Backflow Daily Running of Plant $2,100.00
E15A245 Dix communications Advertisement 93.56
E15A243 HD Supply Water Meters 562.76
E15A241 Quill Paper, Labels 29.95
E15A243 Sensus Metering Support 250.00
E15A245 Wolff Brothers 6 in Gripper Tester 23.36
TOTAL $3,492.30
E25A241 BFMC Inc. Sewer Bills 254.37
E25A245 Bureau of Workers Comp Workers Comp 80.29
E25A244 Coshocton Environmental Testing 572.00
E25A238 Dean’s Backflow Daily Running of Plant $2,100.00
E25A235 Dix Communications Advertisement 93.55
E25A234 Engineering Associates Engineering $33,050.00
E25A241 Quill Paper, Labels 29.94
E25A243 Sensus Metering Support 250.00
E25A235 Treasurer State of Oho Sewage Sludge Fee 100.00
TOTAL $36,530.16

MOTION TO PAY THE BILLS: by Rodney Mackey, Seconded by Rick Conrad, Roll Call: Rodney Mackey-yes, Rick Conrad-yes, Betty Keener-yes, Mike Harwood-yes, and Steve Stoffer-yes.
Rodney Mackey wanted to thank Dale Orr, Jason Woodruff and Laurie Busson for their hard work during the last winter. This winter is the 5th worst winter in history. Rodney reported that there had been 88 accidents this winter with snow plows.
MOTION TO ADJOURN: by Rodney Mackey, Seconded by Betty Keener, and Roll Call: Rodney Mackey-yes, Betty Keener-yes, Mike Harwood-yes, Steve Stoffer-yes, and Rick Conrad-yes.
Meeting Adjourned at 7:45 pm.

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