Council Meeting Minutes February 16, 2016


The Regular Meeting of the Apple Creek Council was called to order on February 16, 2016 by Mayor Betty Keener with the following council members answering to roll call:

Rick Conrad-present, Mike Harwood-present, Rodney Mackey-present, Robert McCarthy-absent, Charlie Lewis-present, and Steve Stoffer-present.

Councilperson Harwood made a motion to approve the minutes of the February 1, 2016 meeting, as always the minutes are available for the public to review. Seconded by Councilperson Conrad. Roll Call: Councilperson Harwood-yes, Councilperson Conrad-yes, Councilperson Mackey-yes, Councilperson Lewis-yes, and Councilperson Stoffer-yes. Motion carried.

VISITORS: Stuart Mykrantz, candidate for Wayne County Commissioner, introduced himself and talked about the reasons why he is running for office. Leonard Kaplan from Harvest Market; Jonathan from the Daily Record; Jim Rossitor, Mike Rossitor, Joshua and Jacob Moore, candidates for Merit Badges and Eagle Scout status.

Due to confusion as to when the Council meeting would be held around President’s Day, a schedule of the remaining 2016 Council Meetings was presented by Mayor Betty Keener for approval. A motion was made by Councilperson Lewis to accept the 2016 Council Meeting Schedule as presented, and seconded by Councilperson Conrad. Roll Call: Councilperson Harwood-yes, Councilperson Conrad-yes, Councilperson Mackey-yes, Councilperson Lewis-yes, and Councilperson Stoffer-yes.  Motion carried.

POLICE: Council President Mackey presented a hand–out.  He explained, “Just a reminder, it is the responsibility of the Mayor to deal with the Police Chief regarding what is going on within the department.  It is not up to us as Council members to question that.”  The Mayor clarified, “You can question but you should come to the Mayor, whoever the Mayor is.” President Mackey agreed, “Yes, go to the Mayor and question what needs to be addressed.  If there are any issues with concerns, if the answer is not the way you want it to be, you can come to me and I can have another discussion with the Mayor. Again, it is not up to us to go to the employees and question what they are doing.”    The Mayor started, “We have to be bring this up because we have been cautioned not to do Village business by email.  So, we are bringing it up at council to get it in the minutes. I would like to stress we are not going to single out anybody.  We are not picking on anybody.” The Mayor further stated, “The approach we took, we are just hoping/educating regarding our structure, and who is responsible and what path we need to take.  So I caution you, it’s ok to do business by email but we are going to talk about it with Council.  It doesn’t circumvent Council table at all, because we were cautioned not to do that.”

The Mayor asked if there was further Police Business. Sargent Matt Estacion stated that Chief Woodruff requested that he hand out to Council Thank you notes and Valentine Cards that the Department had received.  A Christmas-time donation made to the department was discussed.  It was made anonymously.  This donation was used by the department for Harvest Market gift-cards for a deserving family in town.  Councilperson Stoffer talked about how the kids in Apple Creek seem to really love the police.  The kids are gathered around when the police do crossing duty.  This is good so the children know who they can trust.

As the Mayor was proceeding to the Park topic Councilperson Harwood interjected, “I would like to make a point seeing this was brought up. That particular night I was coming down 250, and I don’t know if you guys have noticed that the headlights on the Charger are particularly bright and they were pointing straight down 250 causing a distraction to when people were coming around the corner.  It caught my eyes.  Why is the car sitting back there?  So, I pulled around and sat there a good ten minutes and observed it.  At a previous Council meeting, we had brought up and addressed “No, my guys never park more than ten feet off the road if they are running traffic.”  The Mayor interjected, “But he wasn’t running traffic.” Councilperson Harwood went on to say, “Well Ok, but the car was sitting there for at least ten minutes.  Regardless, I would ask that if it is sitting back there, traffic or not, dim the lights so that it is not pointed into oncoming traffic.  That was the whole point in me asking Jason.  He didn’t respond….He did respond that he wasn’t running traffic….but my point is the headlights were rather bright…and heading right down as you were coming around the corner.”  The Mayor asked the Sargent to make a note of that, “If they are down at the building, maybe turn the headlights off and leave the parking lights on.”  Councilperson Harwood asked, “Or park so that (headlights) are not right into Apple Creek traffic for cars that are coming around the corner.” Councilperson Stoffer stated, “But that isn’t going to make any difference.  If someone is pulling out of the parking lot, you will have the same thing.”  The Mayor further went on to explain, “But given that it was a 911 dispatch call and we had an Officer responding to a possible emergency situation, to take the time to think about which direction his headlights are pointing, or if they are dim or if they are on.  At the time Jason got the text, Mike, he was on his village phone. Text was on his personal phone.  He (Jason) got the call from Matt on the Police Department phone. He had no idea what was going on inside the dealership because it was a 911 hang-up.  Matt is faced with “what do I do?  Do I go in the building? Is someone being held hostage?  What’s the situation?” Councilperson Harwood interjected, “All that’s fine. But I am saying, if you are going to be parked there for ten minutes or so, at least have the courtesy to not point your headlights into oncoming traffic.”  The Mayor reiterated, “I understand what you are saying.  But given that it was a 911 dispatch call for which he had to react to, going into that dealership not knowing what was going on inside.  We can’t have them jeopardizing themselves with distractions from the business at hand which was a 911 situation.”    Sgt. Estacion explained that the reason why he had the headlights on was because they have been instructed to leave their headlights on when parked at Dale James.  He understood that this was to be done when running traffic or sitting there.    Dale James was contacted regarding the matter and he expressed his appreciation for the building checks that the department does.  Mr. James further requested that the department continue to do the checks.

PARK:  No signs have been received from the County yet for use of “No Parking”.  Older “No Parking” signs are temporary in place until the new ones are received. The No Parking ordinance is enforceable at the park.

STREETS AND MAINTENANCE: First Reading Ordinance 2016-5 An Ordinance Establishing a Policy and Procedures for Work Performed Within The Village of Apple Creek Right-of-ways and Easements Within the Village Limits and Providing for a Penalty for the Violations of this Ordinance.  Street Commissioner Orr discussed the reasons for this ordinance.  Utility companies and others would need to obtain a permit and follow the necessary procedures when doing work in the village.  The ordinance will be advanced to the second reading, which will be on March 7, 2016.

WATER & SEWER: The Mayor reported that the Water Plant upgrade is “well under way and there have been no problems”.  Council discussed reports of brown water.  The Mayor will contact Kevin Dean.  Council President Mackey reports that there have been no complaints from residents regarding brown water.

JEDD#1:  Nothing.

JEDD#2: Nothing.


UNFINISHED BUSINESS: Ordinance 2016-4 An Ordinance Approving the Terms of an Acquired Easement From John P. Reber and Sylvia J. Reber, Authorizing the Mayor to Execute Said Easement, and Declaring an Emergency.

A motion to suspend the rules by Council President Mackey. Seconded by Councilperson Stoffer. Roll Call: Council President Mackey-yes, Councilperson Stoffer-yes. Councilperson Conrad-yes, Councilperson Harwood-yes, and Councilperson Lewis-yes.

Motion to pass Ordinance 2016-4 by Councilperson Stoffer, seconded by Councilperson Conrad. Roll Call: Councilperson Stoffer-yes, Councilperson Conrad-yes, Councilperson Harwood-yes, Council President Mackey-yes, Councilperson Lewis-yes.


COMMITTEE REPORTS: CIC met tonight (2/16/2016).  The flyer for the fundraising-project for a permanent stage in the park has been completed.  The campaign for the stage is working towards having it built in time for Johnny Appleseed Days.   The Apple Creek Legion and JaeTech are sponsoring a “Texas Hold’em” Poker Tournament at the Apple Creek American Legion on February 27, 2016 at 7 p.m., as one of the fundraising events to pay for the stage.


A11A210 POLICE  
A11A231 Carquest Oil Filters & Wipers               142.32
A11A213 Gall’s Uniforms               228.91
A11A212 Wayne County Hospitalization             2124.43
                              TOTAL        $2,495.66     
A17A240   Mayor & Admin. O&M      
A11C230 American Electric Power Street Lights          1431.98
A11A233 Dominion Gas           226.41
A17A238 Government Accounting Software Income Tax           1300.00
                             TOTAL     $2,958.39 
B16B240     Streets O&M      
B16B243 Carquest Oil Filters                 10.28
B16B245 Cintas Uniforms               104.08
B16B233 Dominion Gas                 77.04
B16B243 Tricor Smart Straw                 54.16
B16B212 Wayne Co. Hospitalization             1470.21
                                 TOTAL         $1,715.77                       
B43A250 PARKS  
B43A233 Dominion Gas               258.29
B43A211  Adam Morris Cleaning of Hall               100.00
B43A243 Tricor Bulbs Ext. Light                 23.88
B43A243 Wolff Brothers Photocell                 45.75
B43A243 Water Watts Outside Hydrant               224.74
                                  TOTAL            $653.66                                    
E15A240 WATER    
E15A244 Coshocton Environmental Test                 90.00
E15A245 Ohio Utilities Oups                 25.00
E15A235 Postmaster Stamps                70.00
E15A243 Tricor Stakes                 30.06
E15A241 USA Bluebook Testing Equipment               107.39
                                   TOTAL                  $322.45          
E25A240 SEWER  
E25A244 Coshocton Environmental Test Sewer              558.00
E25A233 Dominion Gas               264.82
E25A234 Engineering & Assoc. Engineering           18000.00
E25A245 Kimble Recycling Trash                 42.39
E25A235 Postmaster Stamps                70.00
E25A243 Mast Lepley Heat Tape                 81.37
E25A245 Ohio Utilities Oups                 25.00
E25A245 Tricor Stakes                 30.06
                                   TOTAL       $19,071.64                    


MOTION TO PAY THE BILLS: by Councilperson Conrad. Seconded by Councilperson Lewis. Roll Call: Councilperson Conrad-yes, Councilperson Lewis-yes, Councilperson Harwood-yes, Council President Mackey-yes, and Councilperson Stoffer-yes. Motion carried.

MOTION TO ADJOURN: by Council President Mackey. Seconded by Councilperson Conrad. Roll Call: Council President Mackey-yes, Councilperson Conrad-yes, Councilperson Harwood-yes, Councilperson Lewis-yes, and Councilperson Stoffer-yes. Motion carried.

Meeting Adjourned at 7:04 pm.

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