Council Meeting Minutes January 16, 2017


The Regular Meeting of the Apple Creek Village Council was called to order on Monday, January 16, 2017 by Mayor Betty Keener with the following council members answering to roll call:

Rick Conrad-present, Mike Harwood-present, Rodney Mackey-present, Robert McCarthy-arrived at 6:38 pm, Charlie Lewis-present, and Steve Stoffer-present.

Councilperson Lewis made a motion to approve the minutes of the January 3, 2017 meeting, as always the minutes are available for the public to review. The motion was seconded by Councilperson Conrad. Roll call vote was as follows: Councilperson Lewis-yes, Councilperson Conrad-yes, Councilperson Harwood-yes, Councilperson Mackey-yes, and Councilperson Stoffer-yes.   Motion carried.

Councilperson Lewis made a motion to nominate Councilperson Mackey for President of Council for 2017. The motion was seconded by Councilperson Conrad. The roll call vote was as follows: Councilperson Lewis-yes, Councilperson Conrad-yes, Councilperson Harwood-yes, Councilperson Mackey-yes, and Councilperson Stoffer-yes. Motion carried.


POLICE: Chief Woodruff was present to report that (as he previously reported) Dennis Felter stepped down from his position; therefore, Chief Woodruff would like to move Eric Grossjean to the open part-time position.  Officer Grossjean has been an auxiliary officer since July of 2013.  Currently, he has been covering shifts, at least four per month, for “free” due to staff shortages.  “He has stepped-up, and has always done so,” Chief Woodruff stated.  He further went on to say that Officer Grossjean has a good grasp of what goes on here.  Council’s approval was requested to hire Officer Grossjean for the part-time officer position.  A motion to hire Eric Grossjean for the part-time officer position was made by Councilperson Conrad and seconded by Councilperson Lewis.  Roll call vote was as follows: Councilperson Conrad-yes, Councilperson Lewis-yes, Councilperson Harwood-yes, Council President Mackey-yes, and Councilperson Stoffer-yes.   Motion carried.

There was discussion about a yellow car regularly driving around town. Chief Woodruff reported that it was stopped twice for a “traffic stop”.   The situation continues to be monitored.

Chief Woodruff thanked council for moving Officer Grossjean into the paid position. Another auxiliary officer resigned, Jason Storey.  His wife passed away and he has two small children.  He has had difficulty in finding babysitters; therefore, he felt the need to resign.  Chief Woodruff read a “thank you” letter from Mr. Storey.  Chief Woodruff advised that if Mr. Storey would ever re-apply, there would be “no problem” in recommending his acceptance.  His resignation was reluctantly accepted.  There are two interviews scheduled “this week” for the auxiliary positions.

The update on the new cruiser is the “build-out” of it was done on January 6. The “build-out” gives instructions on where everything goes.  When the cruiser is received at the dealership, all equipment will be installed.  There will be no other bill for the radio installation since the dealership is doing this.  The lease-cruiser order is being worked on.  The Chief called for questions, comments or concerns.  There were none.

PARK: Resolution 2017-2, A Resolution Transferring Monies from the General Fund to the Street Fund and the Park Fund.

A motion to pass Resolution 2017-2 was made by Councilperson Harwood.   The motion was seconded by Councilperson McCarthy, with roll call vote as follows: Councilperson Harwood-yes, Councilperson McCarthy-yes, Councilperson Conrad-yes, Council President Mackey-yes, Councilperson Lewis-yes, and Councilperson Stoffer-yes.  Motion carried.

A Park Committee meeting will be held on February 6, 2017, at 5:30pm at the town hall to discuss possible improvements in 2017.

STREETS AND MAINTENANCE: Leaves from last year were picked-up, Street Commissioner Orr reported. Also, the village is doing alright on salt.  Councilperson Harwood wanted to know if anyone other than Commissioner Orr salts the streets. He was advised that the part-time employee also salts the streets.  Councilperson Harwood would like the whole street on Shannon salted as he reported a member of his household witnessed a school bus fishtail.  Commissioner Orr will instruct accordingly.

There was discussion on the value of the stage at the park. It was determined that it is between 50 to 60 thousand dollars.  Water had pooled around it during recent rains.  Photographs were taken of the situation and will be kept on file.  Water run-off at various locations in the village was discussed.

WATER & SEWER: Nothing.

JEDD#1: Nothing scheduled.   There should be something later in the year.

JEDD#2: A meeting was held on January 4, 2017.  Council President Mackey reported they met briefly and re-elected the same officers to the same positions held last year. The meetings this year will be held on April 19, July 12, and October 4.  The two meetings with NEFCO were reviewed.  It was noted that easements “need to be processed before we can continue on”.  Clarification on some things is needed.  The Mayor reported that “we are right on target to where we need to be”.  The Mayor stated she emailed a reply to Dennis Dinaro so that he has all the information.  She talked to Todd Serena who was so instrumental with the old sewer plant upgrade review.  They had given support regarding the upgrade versus a new plant.  He gave suggestions on whom to contact if there are any questions.  They are being helpful to keep “this rolling so we can get the approval quickly”.   Council President Mackey inquired about the review of the grounds for ancient burial or artifacts.  The Mayor stated that this must be done.  Otherwise (the project) could be held up for months.  All documents have been signed for this, the Mayor stated.  This requirement is due to development of land near to land that the Army Corps of Engineers own. There is one more quote needed for the tree removal.  The trees can then be cut-down.  The EPA will pay the Village back for this cost.   NEFCO membership was discussed.


UNFINISHED BUSINESS: Councilperson Harwood talked about the Wayne County Community Foundation taking applications for grants for local government community projects. He questioned if that would be something (the village) could apply for…for the park or other projects.  The Mayor stated that grant funding will be discussed under new business.

The Mayor has reconnected with Paul Troyer. He will be on the agenda for the next meeting.  He will attend to make an offer and hopes to bring proposed plans for the building on the “Wooden Nickle lot”.  He is also considering the old post office to rent.  His first choice is the Wodden Nickle lot; however, the partnership of his business is set-up with his sons, and they may support something different.  The Mayor stated she prefers to have something nice built in the center of town that would enhance the existing Apple Creek businesses.

NEW BUSINESS:  The Mayor reported that she talked with Dan Hodge.  The Township had hired a professional grant writer.  That is how they got the $180,000 grant.  She would like to talk to Dan again for more information.  Infrastructure, street-scape, the park playground, etc. could all be enhanced if project money could be obtained.  Councilperson Stoffer advised that all needed information must be given to the grant-writer.  They charge up to a certain amount.  If the grant is not obtained, you pay the grant-writer nothing.  He further went on to say that the fire department had applied for grants in the past and never received anything until this.   He believes it is definitely something to consider.  Hiring a grant-writer to search for grant monies was discussed.  The Mayor invited Council to think about possible projects to enhance the village and properties.  The agenda is to “keep the town up and the value of our homes up.”  The Mayor advised, “My focus for now is the Waynedale project, but thinking ahead for when this project is done, is a good idea”.  We want beautifying projects, so think about that.”  Councilperson McCarthy stated he would like to see a walk-way access (to Apple Ridge).  The Mayor replied that has been an issue for some time due to ownership issues.  The State owns the bridge.  “Nothing can be built on it without a lot of hassle.”  The Mayor requested ideas like Councilperson McCarthy’s, and these will be documented at a future meeting for possible requests of grant monies.

“Rail-to-Trail” signs will be worked on by the Mayor with Becky Jewell. Rails-to-Trail pays for the signs.  These will be ordered soon.

COMMITTEE REPORTS: CIC meeting of January 16, 2017, was canceled and rescheduled for February 21, 2017, at 5:30pm at the Village Hall.


A11A210 POLICE        
A11A243 Matt Estacion Reimbursement $325.00
A11A241  Quill Office Supplies   $203.13
A11A241 US Safety Safety Equipment   $111.50
A11A241 Vance’s Ammo   $390.10
      TOTAL              $1,029.73
A17A240 Mayor & AD.        
A11C230 American Elect. Power Street Lights                $1,501.96
A17A242 Comdoc Copies                   $129.37
A17A232 Dominion Gas                   $195.84
A17A241 Postmaster Stamps                     $94.00
A17A241 Quill Office Supplies                     $43.96
A17A237 Taggart Law Firm Solicitor Fees                   $314.50
      TOTAL              $2,279.63
B16B240 Streets O&M        
B16B245 Cintas Uniforms                    $80.00
B16B232 Dominion Gas                  $82.50
B16B245 Grace Services Weed Control                   $450.00
      TOTAL                 $612.50
B43A250 PARK        
B43A232 Dominion Gas                   $237.31
B43A232 Grace Services Weed Control                   $220.00
      TOTAL             $457.31
E15A240 WATER        
E15A244 Bonded Chemicals Inc. Chemicals                $1,386.85
E15A244 Coshocton Tests                    410.00
E15A238 Dean’s Backflow Daily Operation                  $655.00
E15A245 Grace Services Weed Control                   $140.00
E15D250 Treasurer State Loan                 $4393.06
E15A35 Postmaster Stamps                 $68.00
E15A243 Water-Watts Check Electric               $82.00
      TOTAL            $7,134.91
E25A240 SEWER        
E025A243 Custom Machine Repair to flag pole                  $45.00
E25A244 Coshocton Tests                  404.00
E25A238 Dean’s Backflow Daily Operations                $3320.00
E25A232 Dominion Gas Gas                $202.19
E25A234 Engineering Associates Engineering               $1,900.00
E25A245 Grace Services Weed Control                $216.00
E25A245 Kimble Trash Hauling                  $16.40
E25A260 Treasurer State Loan             $1691.97
 E25A2351 Postmaster Stamps                $68.00
E25A245 Treasurer State Discharge Fee            $1050.00
      TOTAL             $8,913.56


A MOTION TO PAY THE BILLS: was made by Councilperson Conrad. The motion was seconded by Councilperson Harwood. Roll call vote was as follows: Councilperson Conrad-yes, Councilperson Harwood-yes, Councilperson McCarthy-yes, Council President Mackey-yes, Councilperson Lewis-yes, and Councilperson Stoffer-yes.   Motion carried.

A MOTION TO ADJOURN was made by Councilperson Lewis. The motion was seconded by Councilperson Conrad. The roll call vote was as follows: Councilperson Lewis-yes, Councilperson Conrad-yes, Councilperson Harwood-yes, Council President Mackey-yes, Councilperson McCarthy-yes, and Councilperson Stoffer-yes.   Motion carried.

Meeting Adjourned at 7:15 pm.

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