June 1, 2015 Council Minutes

The Regular Meeting of the Apple Creek Council called to order on June 1, 2015 by Betty Keener with the following council members answering to roll call:

Rick Conrad-present, Mike Harwood-present, Rodney Mackey-present, Robert McCarthy-present, Charlie Lewis-present, and Steve Stoffer-present.

Rick Conrad made a motion to approve the minutes of the May 18, 2015 meeting. As always, they are available for the public to review. Seconded by Rodney Mackey. Roll Call: Rick Conrad-yes, Rodney Mackey-yes, Mike Harwood-yes, Robert McCarthy-yes, Charlie Lewis-yes, and Steve Stoffer-yes.


Motion to go into executive session for Personnel 121.22 (G) (1) by Rick Conrad. Seconded by Mike Harwood. Roll Call: Rick Conrad-yes, Mike Harwood-yes, Rodney Mackey-yes, Robert McCarthy-yes, Charlie Lewis-yes, and Steve Stoffer-yes, at 6:31 pm.

Motion to come out of executive session at 6:45 pm by Mike Harwood. Seconded by Robert McCarthy. Roll Call: Mike Harwood-yes, Robert McCarthy-yes, Rick Conrad-yes, Rodney Mackey-yes, Charlie Lewis-yes, and Steve Stoffer-yes.

Action from Executive Session: Charlie Lewis made a motion to accept the resignation of Traci Shanks. Seconded by Rodney Mackey. Roll Call: Charlie Lewis-yes, Rodney Mackey-yes, Rick Conrad-yes, Mike Harwood-yes, Robert McCarthy-yes, and Steve Stoffer-yes.

ENGINEERS: Water Plant upgrade design was sent to the EPA on May 17, 2015 for approval. We should reply back from the EPA in about one month.

POLICE: Chief Jason Woodruff handed out his report for the month of May. He stated there is an increase in numbers. This past week was the “Click it or Ticket” campaign. Jason is taking pictures of the upgrade in process at the sewer plant and putting them on the web-site.

PARK:   No update on the sign for the Dollar General store. CIC is still working on raising money for the stage for the park. The electric upgrade is pending verbal commitments for donations. The price is $4,853 from Water Watts. They provided the lowest quote. Jason will put the information about the band stand fundraising on his Facebook page. Mike Harwood gave an update on the signs. They have been painted by a village employee and volunteers are working on putting the smaller signs on the big one and mounting them at both gateways to the Village.

STREETS AND MAINTENANCE: Dale Orr reported they still have about 2½ days left of work to get the roads ready for chip and seal. Discussion on the condition of Shannon Drive followed stating the road is in bad shape, and Dale will do his best to repair it. Repaving will be in that street’s future as it does not have much of a base. Discussion on the weeds in the Village. Dale Orr, Street Superintendent and Betty Keener, Mayor, drove around the village today as it was obvious that quite a number of property owners were in violation of the village’s Nuisance Ordinance involving tall grass and weeds. Laurie sent out 12 more letters. Laurie has already sent out 13 letters. Dale has mowed one property, and the cost of that mowing will be paid by the property owner.

WATER & SEWER:  Sewer plant upgrade is underway. Waiting for water plant upgrade approval from EPA.
First Reading of Ordinance 2015-15 An Ordinance Establishing A Sewer Treatment Improvement Debt Elimination Assessment Fee for the Village of Apple Creek, Ohio.
Motion to move to the second reading at the June 15, 2015 by Robert McCarthy, Seconded by Rick Conrad,  Roll Call: Robert McCarthy-yes, Rick Conrad-yes, Mike Harwood-yes, Rodney Mackey-yes, Charlie Lewis-yes, and Steve Stoffer-yes.

JEDD: Nothing.

CORRESPONDENCE: Reminder for Council to contact Robert & Christine Tyler to schedule a booth for Council at Johnny Appleseed Festival to host a “Meet & Greet”. Most Council members stated that they are already working the festival in another capacity.


NEW BUSINESS:   Nothing.

COMMITTEE REPORTS: CIC June 15th at 5:30 pm.


A11A2431  Dale James Ford Repair Escape               127.26
A11A2431 Fallsway Equip. Siren Speaker               182.39
A11A2431 Ray Allen Temperate Sensor                 62.49
A11A2431 Silco Fire Annual Inspection                   9.00
A11A212 Wayne County Hospitalization             2940.42
TOTAL          $3,321.56
A17A240    Mayor & Admin. O&M
A17A241 Display Sales Flags           263.50
A17A245 Locksmith Shop Keys             13.80
A17A243 Silco Fire Annual Inspection              66.25
TOTAL            $343.55
B16B240     Streets O&M
B16B243 Kokosing Road Material             1319.68
B16B245 Locksmith Shop Keys                   5.85
B16B243 Mast Lepley Rope & snaps                 20.43
B16B243 Melway Paving Road Repairs           18168.50
B16B243 National Lime Stone Crushed Stone                 56.76
B16B243 Schlabach Engine Mower Blade & Belt                 37.05
B16B243 Schlabach Rental Roller Rental               120.00
B16B243 Silco Fire Annual Inspection                 47.50
B16B241 Tricor Clamps               109.89
B16B212 Wayne County Hospitalization             1470.21
TOTAL        $21,355.87
B43A250  PARKS
B43A245 John Deere Financial Flowers                 43.40
B43A245 Lowe’s Repair Hall                 28.33
B43A243 Silco Annual Inspection                   6.00
TOTAL               $77.73
E15A240  WATER
E15A238 Deans Backflow Daily Running of Plant               950.00
E15A243 Silco Annual Inspection                 35.00
TOTAL                  $985.00
E25A240  SEWER
E25A241 Display Sales Flags               263.50
E25A238 Dean’s Backflow Daily Running of Plant             3360.00
E25A243 Silco  Annual Inspection                 51.50
TOTAL          $3,675.00
MOTION TO PAY THE BILLS: by Rodney Mackey. Seconded by Steve Stoffer. Roll Call: Rodney Mackey-yes, Steve Stoffer-yes, Rick Conrad-yes, Mike Harwood-yes, and Charlie Lewis-yes.
MOTION TO ADJOURN: by Mike Harwood. Seconded by Robert McCarthy. Roll Call: Mike Harwood-yes, Robert McCarthy-yes, Rick Conrad-yes, Rodney Mackey-yes, Charlie Lewis-yes, and Steve Stoffer-yes.

Meeting Adjourned at 7:20 pm.

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