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  1. Hi-I was visiting the park yesterday and was almost run down by two large, loose dogs. Does the Village have a leash ordinance? I hope the pups made it home OK!

  2. Was driving through Apple Creek last week on vacation. A police car had it’s lights and siren on, so I pulled over. it passed me and almost sideswiped me, my wife was terrified. Your people need learn how to drive!

  3. Ms Keener, I have some suggestions for you:

    1. Require the Village police officers to pay part of their health care coverage costs. Very few employees have 100% of their healthcare premiums covered. Most of the citizens of the Village who work have to pay at least a portion of their healthcare premiums.

    2. Remove the part-time bookkeeper position. It is ridiculous that one person cannot take care of the administrative needs of a village of less than 2,000 inhabitants. If this is not the case, perhaps we need a different person in the fiscal officer position.

    3. Change the council meeting schedule to one time per month. Many larger municipalities in Wayne County (e.g., Orrville) do just fine meeting once per month. This would save some money in salaries.

    4. Finally, Ms. Keener, you should take a pay cut. While I understand that you are a retired senior citizen on a fixed income, so are many of the other citizens of Apple Creek, who make do on very little money and no sources of extra income.

    These changes, while perhaps seemingly insignificant, would go a long way to show the citizens of Apple Creek that the Village leadership and personnel are willing to do their part to ensure that our community continues to be a viable one.

    I will look forward to your reply in this comments section.

    1. Thank you for your concerns; however we cannot find you as resident of the Village of Apple Creek. If you would like an answer to these questions; come to our next council meeting on Monday July 20th at 6:30 pm.

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