November 14, 2014 Council Minutes


The Regular Meeting of the Apple Creek Council called to order on November 17, 2014 by Council President Rodney Mackey with the following council members answering to roll call:

Rick Conrad-present, Mike Harwood-present, Rodney Mackey-present, Robert McCarthy-present, Charlie Lewis-present, and Steve Stoffer-present.

Motion to approve the minutes of the November 3, 2014 meeting,  as always they are available for the public to review,  by Steve Stoffer, seconded by Mike Harwood, Roll Call: Steve Stoffer-yes, Mike Harwood-yes, Rick Conrad-yes, Rodney Mackey-yes, Robert McCarthy-yes, and Charlie Lewis-yes.

VISITORS:   Delbert Lebold was present informing us the fire department is celebrating their 75th Year in June of 2016 and would like the Village to give them back the original bell that hung in the building that the Village Hall is located in. They previously asked Bixler to give them it and they would not. It is currently located on the gazebo that was given to the Village a few years ago. He would like an answer at the next meeting. Also present was Leonard Kaplan and Joe Rabatin.

Motion to go into executive session for legal ORC Section 121.22 (G) (3) by Rick Conrad, Seconded by Steve Stoffer, Roll Call: Rick Conrad-yes, Steve Stoffer-yes, Mike Harwood-yes, Rodney Mackey-yes, Robert McCarthy-yes, and Charlie Lewis-yes, At 6:40 pm.

Motion to come out of executive session at 6:55 pm By Rick Conrad, Seconded  by Mike Harwood, Roll Call: Rick Conrad-yes, Mike Harwood-yes, Rodney Mackey-yes, Robert McCarthy-yes, Charlie Lewis-yes, and Steve Stoffer-yes.

No action from executive session.


POLICE:  Nothing.

PARK:   Nothing.

STREETS AND MAINTENANCE:   Only had one truck to salt today, the leaf box is still on the green truck.

WATER & SEWER:   Hydrant Flushing December 3 starting at 8 pm. Water & Sewer Committee Meeting December 1 at 5:00 pm.

JEDD: Meeting December 18th at 7:00 pm at the Fire Station.


UNFINISHED BUSINESS: Roof repair should be starting the first week of December.

NEW BUSINESS: The Gazebo will need some repairs next year, also the big wooden sign is very tall, maybe we should consider doing something with the sign.

COMMITTEE REPORTS: Report from CIC meeting by Rodney Mackey. The committee is working on prioritizing the projects and gets cost of them. They discussed going to Jake’s Restaurant to help raise money. Jake’s is willing to offer 2 weeks at 15% or 1 month for 10%, you go to the restaurant with one of the flyers and the CIC would receive the percent of money. The sign will cost between $500 to $700 per sign.



A11A2431 Carquest DBL Face Tape                 32.73
A11A241 Schoolmasters Stop Sign                 91.26
A11A213 Visa Uniforms               280.00
A11A212 Wayne Co. Commissioner Hospitalization & Prosecutor             4328.49
                            TOTAL          $4,732.48              
A17A240    Mayor & Admin. O&M
A17A231 American Electric Electric            134.00
A11C230 American Electric Street Lights          1425.28
A17A243 Crystal Clear Water Water & Cooler             27.00
A17A233 Comdoc Copies             10.02
                            TOTAL        $1,596.30
B16B240     Streets O&M
B16B231 American Electric Electric                80.20
B16B245 Cintas Uniforms              100.64
B16B212 Wayne Co. Commissioner Hospitalization            1442.38
                               TOTAL         $1,623.22           
B43A250  PARKS
B43A231 American Electric Electric             266.85
B43A211 Holly Malciut Cleaning Hall             100.00
B43A243 Kidron Electric Electric Work              270.07
                                TOTAL            $636.92                 
E15A240  WATER
E15A231 American Electric Electric           1244.58
E15A244 Coshocton Environmental Testing             122.00
                                 TOTAL             $1,366.58
E25A240  SEWER
E25A231 American Electric Electric             3202.59
E25A244 Coshocton Environmental Testing               678.00
                                TOTAL          $3,880.59  


MOTION TO PAY THE BILLS: by Steve Stoffer, Seconded by Mike Harwood, Roll Call: Steve Stoffer-yes, Mike Harwood-yes, Rodney Mackey-yes, Robert McCarthy-yes, Rick Conrad-yes, and Charlie Lewis-yes.

MOTION TO ADJOURN: by Mike Harwood, Seconded by Steve Stoffer, Roll Call: Mike Harwood-yes, Steve Stoffer-yes, Rick Conrad-yes, Rodney Mackey-yes, Robert McCarthy-yes, and Charlie Lewis.

Meeting Adjourned at 7:10 pm.




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