Ordinance 2017-15 Repaving St. Rt. 250



Ordinance 2017-15 

PID No.  _ 103544__        

Project Name WAY US 0250 14.60

The following Ordinance 2017-15 enacted by the Village of Apple Creek   of   Wayne County, Ohio,

hereinafter referred to as the Village, in the matter of the stated described project

SECTION I – Project Description

WHEREAS, the State has identified the need for the described project:

            To perform Resurfacing of US Route 250 in both directions from Selby Road to the Wayne/Stark County Line.  All of US 250 inside the Village of Apple Creek will be resurfaced.

Approximately 3,200 feet in both directions of this resurfacing is within the Village.

This project is currently scheduled for the 2018 construction season.

NOW THEREFORE, be it ordained by the    Village of Apple Creek  of    Wayne County, Ohio.

SECTION II – Consent Statement

Being in the public interest, the Village gives consent to the Director of Transportation to complete the above described project

SECTION III – Cooperation Statement

The Village shall cooperate with the Director of Transportation in the above described project as follows:

                        1)         The Village gives consent for the above improvement,


                        2)         No funds are required from the Village except that the Village agrees to assume and bear one hundred percent (100%) of the total cost for added construction items requested by the Village and not necessary for the improvement as determined by the State and the Federal Highway Administration.


SECTION IV – Maintenance

The Village will maintain the right-of-way and keep it free of obstructions, and hold said right-of-way

inviolate for public highway purposes.


PID No.  _ 103544__         

Project Name WAY US 0250 14.60

SECTION V – Utilities and Right-of-Way Statement

If village owned utilities, within a corporation limit or in a private easement outside corporation limits, need to be relocated due to this ODOT project, the village will be reimbursed for any relocation work; ODOT will perform the coordination, relocation, and reimbursement which shall comply with the current provisions of 23 CFR 645 and the ODOT Utilities Manual.

If other public and private utilities need to be relocated due to this ODOT project they will not be reimbursed for relocation; with exceptions due to an easement, etc.

SECTION V – Authority to Sign

The Mayor Betty Keener of said    Village of Apple Creek is hereby empowered on behalf

(Contractual Agent)

of the    Village of Apple Creek to enter into contracts with the Director of Transportation

necessary to complete the above described project.

Passed: August 7, 2017



This Ordinance is hereby declared to be an emergency measure to expedite the highway

project and to promote highway safety. Following appropriate legislative action, it shall take

effect and be in force immediately upon its passage and approval, otherwise it shall take effect

and be in force from and after the earliest period allowed by law.

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