September 2, 2014 Council Minutes

The Regular Meeting of the Apple Creek Council called to order on September 2, 2014 by Betty Keener with the following council members answering to roll call:

Rick Conrad-present, Mike Harwood-present, Rodney Mackey-present, Robert McCarthy-present, Steve Stoffer-present, and Charles Lewis-present.

Jeff Musselman, solicitor, swore in Charles Lewis to fill the unexpired term on council until 12-31-15.

Charles Lewis made a motion to approve the minutes of the August 18th, 2014 meeting, as always they are available for the public to review. Seconded by Mike Harwood. Roll Call: Charles Lewis-yes, Mike Harwood-yes, Rick Conrad-yes, Rodney Mackey-yes, Robert McCarthy-yes, and Steve Stoffer-yes.

Motion to go into executive session for personnel section 121.22 (G) (1) by Mike Harwood, Seconded by Robert McCarthy, Roll Call: Mike Harwood-yes, Robert McCarthy-yes, Rick Conrad-yes, Rodney Mackey-yes, Steve Stoffer-yes, and Charles Lewis-yes. At 6:32 pm.

Motion to come out of executive session at 6:53 pm by Rodney Mackey. Seconded by Mike Harwood. Roll Call: Rodney Mackey-yes, Mike Harwood-yes, Rick Conrad-yes, Robert McCarthy-yes, Charles Lewis-yes, and Steve Stoffer-yes.

No action from Executive Session.

VISITORS: Leonard Kaplan

ENGINEERS: At 6:15 tonight our second meeting for CDBG grant money for the upgrade to the waste water treatment plant was held prior to the council meeting.

POLICE: Chief Jason Woodruff was present and handed out his report. Jason reported we did have two ovi’s this month. Also since we signed the mutual aid agreement, the sheriff and the state patrol have been patrolling in the Village on occasion.

PARK: Nothing.

STREETS AND MAINTENANCE: Discussion on the properties of Bursons and Reynolds on Shannon Drive about the water running down behind their houses. This is a private issue not for the village to resolve. Council discussed the issue of dead trees on the right of way on Cemetery Street. Jeff Musselman informed us it’s the land owner’s responsibility to remove dead trees that are in the right of way and to mow and maintain said right of way.

WATER & SEWER: We have a pump down at the sewer plant and are having problems with the manufacture warranty. Kevin Dean is working on this. This is the same pump we have been having problems with. Kevin Dean has given us until Sept 30th to find another operator.

JEDD: Meeting September 25th at 7 pm at the fire station.


UNFINISHED BUSINESS: Nuisance Ordinance will be discussed again on Oct. 6th at 5:30 pm before the regular council meeting.


COMMITTEE REPORTS: CIC September 15th at 5:30pm.


A11A241 Friendly Wholesale Paper Towels 22.59
TOTAL $22.59
A17A240 Mayor & Admin. O&M
A17A232 Dominion Gas Gas 72.63
A17A241 Friendly Wholesale Paper Towels 22.59
A17A238 Government Acct. Software Payroll 475.09
A17A237 Taggart Law Firm Solicitor Fee 287.00
TOTAL $857.31
B16B240 Streets O&M
B16B243 AJ Exhaust & Tire Repair White Truck 913.00
B16B232 Dominion Gas Gas 28.47
B16B245 Friendly Wholesale Paper Towels 45.17
TOTAL $986.64
B43A232 Dominion Gas Gas 24.67
TOTAL $24.67
B96A242 Muni. Motor Veh
B96A242 Santmyer Oil Gas 696.60
B96A246 Santmyer Oil Gas 877.37
TOTAL $ 1573.98
E15A238 Dean’s Backflow Water Operations 2100.00
E15A244 Dean’s Backflow Testing Supplies 375.00
E15A243 John Deere Financial Paint 19.98
TOTAL $2,494.98
E25A238 Dean’s Backflow Sewer Operations 2100.00
E25A244 Dean’s Backflow Testing Supplies 375.00
E25A245 Daily Record Advertisement 120.54
E25A232 Dominion Gas Gas 30.98
TOTAL $2,626.52

MOTION TO PAY THE BILLS: by Mike Harwood, Seconded by Steve Stoffer, Roll Call: Mike Harwood-yes, Steve Stoffer-yes, Rick Conrad-yes, Rodney Mackey-yes, Robert McCarthy-yes, and Charles Lewis.

MOTION TO ADJOURN: by Robert McCarthy, Seconded by Rodney Mackey, Roll Call: Robert McCarthy-yes, Rodney Mackey-yes, Rick Conrad-yes, Mike Harwood-yes, Charles Lewis-yes, and Steve Stoffer-yes.

Meeting Adjourned at 7:45 pm

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