Council Meeting Minutes April 18, 2016

The Regular Meeting of the Apple Creek Council was called to order on April 18, 2016, by Mayor Betty Keener with the following council members answering to roll call:

Rick Conrad-present, Mike Harwood-present, Rodney Mackey-present, Robert McCarthy-present, Charlie Lewis-present, and Steve Stoffer-present.


Council President Mackey made a motion to approve the minutes of the April 4, 2016 meeting. As always the minutes are available for the public to review. The motion was seconded by Councilperson Stoffer. Roll call vote was as follows: Councilperson Conrad-yes, Council President Mackey-yes, Councilperson Harwood-yes, Councilperson McCarthy-yes, Councilperson Lewis-yes, and Councilperson Stoffer-yes.  Motion carried.

VISITORS: Leonard Kaplan

POLICE: Sergeant Matt Estacion reported that in the past, residents have inquired about donating for the K-9 unit.  An account is being opened for these donations.  The Mayor clarified that the account records must be submitted to Council for review.  Fiscal Officer Busson was not sure that the account needed to be reviewed by Council.  The Village Solicitor will be contacted for further information on this matter which is tabled until that time.  Councilperson Harwood talked about a Daily Record newspaper article that covered police benevolence funds for volunteer officers that were killed in the line of duty.   The Mayor asked Councilperson Harwood to bring the article for the next meeting when the Chief would be present.  The funds would benefit the family.  Councilperson Stoffer noted that the fire department volunteers have some coverage if killed in the line of duty.  Council President Mackey states that the village would need to establish a committee of five on this issue.  Councilperson Harwood believes this is important for the volunteers who don’t have any benefits, and he would like to have this type of fund established by the village. The fund would be pooled with other communities.

PARK: Four more tables have been received from Curry Lumber.  The Mayor reports that CIC is in full-swing for fund raising.  Leonard (Kaplan) will have a fund-raising letter ready to go out Thursday.  The goal is to have the stage built this year.

STREETS AND MAINTENANCE:  First Reading of Ordinance 2016-13, An Ordinance Granting Director of Transportation Authority to Maintain State Highways, Apply Standard Longitudinal Pavement Markings and Erect Regulatory and Warning Signs on State Highways Inside the Village Corporation.  The backhoe is in need of repair.  It is totally inoperable.  Street Commissioner Orr has a quote.  The Mayor reports it will cost a couple of thousand dollars to repair. More quotes are needed.

WATER & SEWER: The Mayor gave an update on the water tower cleaning.  A company has been contacted that would drain the towers and clean them.  The village would be responsible to clean-up whatever is dumped out of the towers.  The cost from the company is $20,000.  The village would have to pay to refill the tanks.  The estimate of the cost to the village for the clean-up, refilling and the electric brings the total to $23,000.00.  Another company was contacted that uses divers.  Their cost is $4,300.00, obviously, significantly less.  However, this quote only covers three inches of sludge.  The divers will not dump anything on the ground; they will take care of the clean-up entirely. The Mayor states if $10,000 is approved for the cleaning of the towers and the clear-well, “it will be more than covered”.  This type of cleaning was last done in 2009. The soonest this work can be done is in June.  The Mayor did state there have been zero complaints about water since the flushing has been completed.  President Mackey pointed out that a video will be made of the cleaning, so Council would be able to watch it. After the tower cleaning, flushing will be done again. Councilperson McCarthy suggested placing an article in the newspaper to put residents on notice regarding the cleaning of the water system prior to doing so.   The Mayor will let the village reporter from The Daily record know.

JEDD#1: Nothing. There will be a meeting in May, date and time to be determined.

JEDD#2: Council President Mackey reported there was a meeting on April 6.  There were two topics discussed. One was police protection (at Waynedale).  The second issue was “who is responsible for 911”.  It was determined that “911” will always go through Central Dispatch.  The school would like to have a security officer on campus.  Council discussed where the money for the officer on campus would come from.  The Mayor stated Apple Creek police could response to 911calls, however, the Sheriff would have to approve this after the request to do so is initiated within the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.  These departments would need to sit down and talk about the feasibility of this with the Mayor, Police Chief and Village Solicitor, and still there would be no guarantees.  The advantage of doing this would be during sporting events, Apple Creek Officers would be able to handle the security and earn the extra monies. Council President Mackey clarified that Waynedale is looking to make Apple Creek Police the “first responders”.  Also, Waynedale has had surrounding neighbors inquire as to the possibility of hooking-on to the new sewer system.  Council President Mackey advised that these inquiries should be directed to the Village Hall.  The Mayor stated that residents along the line will have the option to hook-on.  The line cannot be re-engineered at this point to include residents away from the line on Route 250.  In the future, if there is enough interest, there could possibly be a phase two for these residents.  The Mayor stated that, hopefully, the project will go to bid the first of July.   The next Jedd #2 meeting will be in July.




COMMITTEE REPORTS: The Mayor reported that CIC met tonight.  They are in full swing for fund raising.


A11A233 MCTV Phone                 92.61
A11A245 LEWTFM Uniforms               227.96
A11A235 Wayne County Dispatch & Legal Fees             1537.06
                            TOTAL      $1,857.63            
A17A240   Mayor & Admin. O&M
A11C230 American Electric Power Electric         1354.10
A17A231 American Electric Power Electric             130.09
A17I000 Charles Harris Audit           2400.00
A11A233 Comdoc Copier Lease             190.53
A17A233 MCTV Telephone Service               92.62
A17A241 Comdoc Copies              61.83
A17A232 Dominion Gas Gas             118.96
A17A237 Taggart Law Firm Solicitor             336.50
                           TOTAL    $4,684.63    
B16B240     Streets O&M
B16B231 American Elec. Power Electric             104.14
B16B244 Cargill Inc. Road Salt            1356.66
B16B245 Cintas Uniforms              130.10
B16B233 MCTV Telephone Service                 49.15
B16B232 Dominion Gas Gas                 62.92
B16B243 Kokosing Road Material               125.00
                               TOTAL       $1,827.97                                
B43A231 American Elec. Power Electric               268.03
B43A232 Dominion Gas Gas              128.80
B43A245 MT Services Portable Pot                 33.34
                                TOTAL           $430.17                                                
E15A231 American Elec. Power Electric             1440.64
E15A234 Engineering Assoc. Engineering Filters             9100.00
E15A250 HD Supply Valve for Dover Tower            8222.40
E15A250 WT McKee Installation of Valve             3500.00
                                 TOTAL           $22,263.04                         
E25A240  SEWER
E25A231 American Elec. Power Electric             3823.48
E25A233 MCTV Telephone Service               113.00
E25A232 Dominion Gas              209.43
E25A234 Engineering & Assoc. Engineering           8050.00
E25A245 Kimble Trash Hauling                11.89
                               TOTAL    $12,207.60                     


The Fiscal Officer reported that auditors have been in. The bill will be approximately $3,000.00.

A MOTION TO PAY THE BILLS: was made by Councilperson McCarthy and seconded by Council President Mackey. Roll call vote was as follows: Councilperson Conrad-yes, Council President Mackey-yes, Councilperson Lewis-yes, Councilperson Harwood-yes, Councilperson McCarthy-yes, and Councilperson Stoffer-yes.  Motion carried.

A MOTION TO ADJOURN: was made by Councilperson Lewis and seconded by Councilperson McCarthy. Roll call vote was as follows: Councilperson Conrad-yes, Councilperson Harwood-yes, Councilperson Stoffer-yes, Councilperson Lewis-yes, Councilperson McCarthy-yes and Council President Mackey-yes.  Motion carried.

The meeting adjourned at 7:10 p.m.

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