Village Council Meeting November 21, 2016

The Regular meeting of the Apple Creek Council was called to order on November 21, 2016, by Mayor Betty Keener with the following council members answering to roll call:


Rick Conrad-present, Mike Harwood-present, Rodney Mackey-absent, Robert McCarthy-present, Charlie Lewis-present, and Steve Stoffer-present.

Councilperson Conrad made a motion to approve the minutes of the November 7, 2016 meeting, as always the minutes are available for the public to review. The motion was seconded by Councilperson Lewis with roll call vote as follows: Councilperson Lewis-yes, Councilperson Stoffer-yes, Councilperson Conrad-yes, Councilperson Harwood-yes, and Councilperson McCarthy-yes.   Motion carried.

VISITORS: Leonard Kaplan and Alan Miller were present to observe the meeting.

POLICE: (Scheduled Community Outreach:  Tree Lighting-Dec. 16th at 7 pm at Bixler Park, and Breakfast with Santa-Dec. 17th from 8-11 am at Mayor Carson Hall at the Park). Officer Chance Sigler was present but had nothing to report.  (Subsequent to the meeting, Officer Sigler showed council members his new bullet-proof vest.  All officers received one.)

PARK: Street Commissioner Orr reported the chain at the Park can be disconnected from the first post at the water hydrant for access. (A question was raised at the previous meeting regarding the ability to access the back door of the stage.)

STREETS AND MAINTENANCE: It was decided that leaf pick-up would be continued through next week, November 28, 2016, ending December 2, 2016.

WATER & SEWER:  Update on the Waynedale Project, the Mayor reported that she, Council President Mackey and Gary Daugherty attended the November 16, 2016 board meeting of NEFCO in Akron.  NEFCO passed a resolution to allow changes to the 208 (Clean Water Plan) map.  The Director of NEFCO emailed the Mayor to send a signed copy of the resolution which was also sent to the Ohio EPA.  The project continues to move forward and is one step closer.

The Water and Sewer Committee will be meeting on Monday, December 5, 2016, at 5:30 pm.

Commissioner Orr reported hydrants were flushed and “weren’t dirty and there were no complaints” when this was done. “Hotspots were hit previously.”  The Mayor stated that it was not a long period of time between the flushing cycles.  It was agreed upon that the systematic cleaning has worked.

JEDD#1: Nothing.

JEDD#2: Nothing.  (The next meeting will be in January 2017.)


UNFINISHED BUSINESS: Councilperson Harwood noted the Waynedale sewage system is being worked-on. The Mayor stated monies are being expended to keep it running through the winter.  She further went on to say that she shared with the NEFCO Board the urgency for the (Waynedale) project to be completed.  She pointed out, the EPA has “unofficially reviewed” the Waynedale design; therefore, one would think that EPA approval would not take long.  The project is definitely on track.


COMMITTEE REPORTS: CIC is on Holiday hiatus until January 16, 2017, at 5:30 pm.

FINANCE:  The list of bills was reviewed by Council.  It was decided that Keim concrete should be paid from the water fund.



A11A210 POLICE        
A11A233 MCTV Internet   $185.23
A11A235 W.C. Commissioners Dispatch/Legal   $1,537.06
A11A233 Verizon Cell Phones   $147.62
A11A241 Bound Tree Medical Ptl Officer Kit   $99.27
A11A240 Vances Law Enf Ammo   $404.85
A11A250 Vances Law Enf Tasers/Batt/Cartrdges   $3,133.12
B131A230 Vances Law Enf Training Ammo   $600.00
      TOTAL $6,107.15
A17A240 Mayor & Ad        
A17A231 American Electric Power Electric   $148.95
A17A237 Taggart Law Firm Solicitor Fee   $165.00
A17A233 ComDoc Copier Lease   $195.70
A17A233 MCTV Phone/Internet   $113.00
A17E273 Adecco USA, Inc. Income Tax Refund   $50.00
A17E273 Level 3 Financing Inc. Income Tax Refund   $7.00
      TOTAL $679.65
B16B240 Streets O&M        
B16B233 Verizon Cell Phones   $58.78
B16B231 AEP Electric   $72.70
B16B233 MCTV Telephone   $49.15
      TOTAL $180.63
B43A250 PARK        
B43A231 AEP Electric   $445.02
      TOTAL $445.02
E15A240 WATER        
E15A231 AEP Electric   $1,209.25
E15A245 OHIO EPA Water Sys License   $933.12
E15A243 Keim Concrete Raise Approach   $550.00
      TOTAL $2,692.37
E25A240 SEWER        
E25A231 AEP Electric   $3,926.81
E25A235 John’s Septic Sludge Hauling   $522.00
      TOTAL $4,448.81
    GRAND TOTAL   $14,553.63


A MOTION TO PAY THE BILLS: was made by Councilperson Conrad and seconded by Councilperson McCarthy. Roll call vote was as follows: Councilperson Harwood-yes, Councilperson Conrad-yes, Councilperson McCarthy-yes, Councilperson Lewis-yes, and Councilperson Stoffer-yes.   Motion carried.

A MOTION TO ADJOURN: was made by Councilperson Harwood and seconded by Councilperson McCarthy. Roll call vote was as follows: Councilperson Lewis-yes, Councilperson Harwood-yes, Councilperson Conrad-yes, Councilperson McCarthy-yes, and Councilperson Stoffer-yes.   Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 6:45 pm.

The community Thanksgiving dinner was discussed after adjournment of the meeting.

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